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With a curatorial focus on the events as holistic experiences, MINU is an initiative for expanding the definition of music through presenting the unmusical as musical. It is a space for oscillating between extremes and charting relationships between art, technology, and contemporary culture. The festival is a joint venture between co-artistic and administrative leaders Mikkel Schou [K!ART] and Dylan Richards [Current Resonance].

The first edition of the festival begins with it’s time to breathe – a meditative concert at Metronomen, continues with three concerts presenting new large-scale works by young Denmark-based composers at Christianshavns Beboerhus, and concludes with MODERN CINEMA – a cinematic concert experience at Cinemateket.

Expanding music extends beyond the individual works and into the spaces in which we present our events. The concerts presented at Christianshavn Beboerhus make libertine use of the space and situate audiences in hybrid environments from paranormal echoes to alienated digital routines and radical forms of [theatrical] play. Adopting the cinematic idiom, MODERN CINEMA is structured like an outing at the cinema. The evening features a film made of individual video compositions stitched together, preceded by composed advertisements & trailers, and interspersed with live interventions that play off the social act of watching a film together.

MINU_festival_for_expanded_music is founded on a commitment to social sustainability that entails empowering artists through careful curation and equitable working relationships, regardless of the stage of their career. The same ethos is embodied in our drive to expand the kind of works offered in Copenhagen’s contemporary music scene. This attitude is coupled with an emphasis on presenting pieces by young local composers alongside those by internationally recognized artists, all refracted through the festival’s exploratory premise and with a priority on programming works that have never been performed in Copenhagen.

Expanding music necessitates platforming artists from a plurality of cultural backgrounds. We maintain a biannual quota to ensure that the gender ratio of both composers and number of pieces by composers are 50/50 [female-identifying/male-identifying] over a two year period, with gender nonconforming artists alternating between the two categories each year. Additionally, we pledge to uphold a biannual racial diversity quota, ensuring that over a two year period, at least 20% of our featured composers will be people of color. The implementation of biannual quotas affords us the freedom to develop in-depth programming of particular artists/milleus during specific iterations of the festival while requiring robust metrics for diverse inclusion. Diversity statistics are published biannually.